Ulcer Management

Management of Ulcers by trickle feeding all day long

Natural Grazing

Allows the horse to eat in the natural grazing position

Behavioural Problems

Reduces Behavioural Problems like box walking


What do our clients think of the Harmony Trickle Feeder?

Michael O'Toole

" Within 6-8 weeks of being fed with the feeders, gastric scopes of both horses showed no evidence of ulceration & I was able to discontinue treatment!…. RESULT! "

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Sandra Hughes

" We are using the Harmony Equine Hay Feeder in our yard and find it particularly beneficial for horses who have a tendancy to box-walk. "

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Louise Harwood

" I have found the feeder to be really useful this winter with one of the horses on box rest. It controlled the speed at which he was consuming his haylage and I felt it was better for maintaining his top line by mimicking the normal grazing position. "

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